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Certified Structured Settlement Consultant & Attorney at Law

Structured Settlements

A lump sum isn't always the answer

Once the case is settled, clients often learn that the end of the case is often the beginning of a lifetime of financial uncertainty—even when the award is large. Plaintiffs might wonder:

Will I be able to work again? Can I make the money last a lifetime? How can I invest to grow my money and not lose it? What about my family if I die prematurely?

With the burden of money management solely on the individual, a lump sum may not provide long-term financial security.

Replacing uncertainty with long-term financial security is the whole idea behind structured settlements.

Personal Injury

Personal injury practice expertise

Keith has practiced law since 1989, successfully representing clients in personal injury cases that cover the spectrum of cases listed here. He has deep insight into the financial and personal concerns of plaintiffs and lawyers involved in nearly any type of personal injury case. Who better to offer structured settlement advice?

Keith advises:

  • Lawyers and their clients about structuring plaintiff settlements
  • Lawyers about structuring contingency fees
  • Plaintiffs about structuring their settlements


Keith Klienick provides coaching services upon request.

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